Genki Sushi Plaza Senayan, Jakarta

Japanese Food or Sushi in particular have always been our go-to cuisine whenever my husband and I can’t decide what to eat. I’ve been wanting to try out the newly opened Genki Sushi for quite some time until my husband finally gave in to my request and let us had our lunch there couple of weeks back.


Upon entering the restaurant, there was no wait staff stood by so we made our way to the nearest empty table (yes, I was THAT hungry). Soon after, the waiter came and handed us an iPad from which we can view the menu and price, make an order, review our order, call for bill and request for assistance. IMG_20140224_134219

The table set up is pretty standard, just like any other sushi chain restaurants. However, there is one thing that I really appreciate from Genki Sushi, which is the fact that they provide good quality green tea powder on the table complete with the hot water line so that we can make our own hot ocha the way we like it. IMG_20140224_134128

Now this is the fun part of dining in here. After you order and confirm your order through the iPad, your order will be delivered by electric trains just within minutes as seen in the video below. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Genki Sushi has decent sushi selections although in our opinion none were really outstanding (or perhaps we didn’t try enough). The bill for two of us came out to a total of $20 which was a steal for good quality Sushi and Green Tea.

IMG_20140224_131743 IMG_20140224_133201 IMG_20140224_131753 IMG_20140224_133146 IMG_20140224_134023In conclusion, my husband and I enjoyed our first time in Genki Sushi and wouldn’t mind coming back for another quick and affordable Sushi fix.

Genki Sushi
Plaza Senayan Mall (next to Food Hall Sogo)
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

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